Wednesday, January 6, 2021

Nothing to See Here

The President of the United States who is deemed unfit for a Twitter account still holds the nuclear codes. The Senate chamber acts as if nothing of import happened today but some brief upset to everyday business. Sasse talks about shoveling our neighbor's driveway and Graham slurs his jokes after a few too many. The likes of Toomey continues to say he had hoped Trump had won but concedes Biden won. Really? You can still say such a thing? What shall we call this? Another hump day in Trumpland? Hawley undoubtedly has more fund-raising tweets at the ready. Can we call this what it is? The banality of evil.

Tomorrow the insurrectionist criminals in their Trump grift gear, those who breached and vandalized the capital, will be telling their tales, showing off their selfies with police, and bragging about the day they showed America what freedom means. That was good, wasn't it? You know, when we draped the capital in Trump banners and took the battle flag of the Confederacy into the building by breaking through the doors? They'll go home to tell more stories and report to the militia.

There is nothing to suggest that American democracy is actually safe tonight. Half the country is so broken that they cannot tell right from wrong, have no care or understanding of democracy, and are so desperate for power that they will undoubtedly vote to re-elect every one of these treasonous grifters.

We are still one election away from these same Republicans ruling the majority. Nothing about their venality has been tempered much less changed. They know there will be no real consequences to their behavior and they will make sure that the insurrectionist mob gets away with it too. What happened today really was not enough to move them. So what would? They need those treasonous votes, after all.

With two more weeks of Trump we have not seen the end. Republicans remain enablers, guilty in this sedition, and they plan on holding no one accountable, much less themselves or Trump. The 25th Amendment means nothing and there will be no urgency for impeachment of a president who incited sedition---those are the pipe dreams of the majority who actually care about democracy.

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