Monday, March 13, 2017

The Priority of Profit, Wealthcare in a Nutshell

An Exercise in Two Americas, It's a Values Difference
Prioritizing Profits
I care about wealth, and we all need some. As fortunate as I have been to have a steady job, my arithmetic skills are sufficient to realize that my personal retirement plan is called "working unto death." We make our choices, I've made mine. But there are two Americas. Those who protect wealth at any cost and the rest of us. There's plenty of evidence.
I point you to two pieces worth comparing in today's NYTimes. First, there are the views of Toledo businessmen bullish on Trump.
From the article cited below: "But all 11 executives agreed: Never in recent years had they been so bullish about their businesses as they were now under a president (and fellow small-business owner, albeit a very rich one) whom they see as one of their own..." while another one takes it further, "“That guy is a junkyard dog, doing his tweets at 3 a.m. and taking on the news media — I just get strength from him,” Mr. Soltis said over a wine-soaked dinner with a large group of his small-business friends and peers from around town. “And I have to say, it makes you feel gutsy — ready to step up and start investing again.”
Here's the link:…/small-business-confidence-trump.h…
Next, read the fine piece by Charles Blow about the costs of this parasitic Presidency and the rest of the paper's careful analysis of what is happening to human rights, women, healthcare, and the environment. What Blow writes as catastrophe, the businessmen above cheer.
Take away: the philosophy of #wealthcare and its impact. My comment is NOT directed against wealth or wealthy people. There is nothing wrong with prosperity. But these businessmen are wealthcare philosophers ---and they will likely hire, invest, and make more profit---because profit is more important _than any other priority_. It's a simple priority: 1. they care more about profit than he impact of their views on human rights or immigrant lives, 2. more about profit than d the environmental impact of lost regulations, 3. prefer the short term profits for their business via tax cuts and deregulations, no matter the financial long term impact or wealth inequality issues, 4. and don't care if Trump is tragically unqualified for the job so long as they make a profit. Wealth is not the problem, it is a values argument.

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