Wednesday, March 22, 2017

A Tale of Two Countries, Another Week of Worlds Apart

I don't know how many of you could bear to watch the Comey hearings. They are even more disturbing than what's going on with Gorsuch. With Gorsuch you've the feeling of being utterly ripped off. The ONLY question for this normanrockwell knockoff white guy doing his best to pretend he has a heart is, "Are you Merrick Garland? And if not, where is he?" But with Comey we witness a different kind of sordid dishonesty, one more calculating, more committed to confounding the already addled, intellectually discomposed Fox audience.
House Republicans mention only the criminality of national security leakers, Comey concurs, using the stoney probity defense, and so evades the more egregious alt-right reach into conspiracy theories. The Republicans cannot imagine that unveiling a conspiracy that involves treason and undermines democracy is as important as their parlor game. 
Then the Democrats make Comey's points for him while he does his best to rest in the shade of his own feckless indifference to the role he played in Trump's election. Fingers on the Scale Comey would rather claim moral superiority than expose the real Republican farce and its facade to protect the Russian collusion. He will certainly not risk being a real patriot. The press is lulled into somnambulance by Comey's temporary sally into sanity, such a departure from the shock and awe of dealing with Trumpkins. But this means they also cannot see his J. Edgar flimflam. Be assured too that America's lethargic citizenry won't wake up to see they just got conned. Again.
There's a vulgarity to these histrionics that drives the light further into shadows. What is truly on display is the tale of two Americas. We are divided by more than ideology and policy. We live in wholly different moral worlds, and like a yogi's bad dream, it's just déja vu all over again. That's because the ghost you hear from the hoary past is chief counsel Joseph N. Welch repeating once again, ""At long last, have you left no sense of decency?" Congressman Adam Schiff and Senator Al Franken have heard that voice and are asking the right questions. Who's listening?

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